Lo DF.C. Law Firm. deals mainly with debt collection, separations and divorces, road accidents, support and protection administrations, preventive technical assessment, consumer protection, compensation for damage, rentals and evictions.

Furthermore, Lo DF.C. Law Firm. deals with Labor law e you Tax collection, offering its legal advice and assistance making use of professional cooperation with the Studio Associato Pietro Storace & Fabio Carraffa tax consultancy, accounting and labor.

Lawyer. Antonina De Francisci

Are the'Lawyer Antonina De Francisci, my greatest passions are writing and oratory.

Graduated in Law from the University of Palermo, I did my forensic internship in the context of civil right, sector in which I have chosen to practice my professional activity.

At the dedication for the profession beside empathy e comprehension, qualities appreciated by customers and in situations, often very delicate, they rely not only on the professional but also on the woman.

Lawyer. Sergio Carraffa

Are the'Lawyer Sergio Carraffa, I have always shown a strong interest in law.

After obtaining a law degree with honors, at the University of Palermo, I practiced forensics in the field of civil right, field in which I started my business.

I am a careful and scrupulous professional, I assist my clients with passion and professionalism.

In the 2021, I had the honor of receiving the “Toga d’Oro” by the Council of the Palermo Bar Association, as recognition for the best result achieved in the qualification exam to practice the legal profession.

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